Shipping Containers

Insulating Shipping ContainersFoamseal provides a cost effective and ideal way to provide insulation and eliminate condensation in shipping containers. They can then have a variety of uses including dwellings and office accommodation, furniture and classic car storage, cold stores and paperwork storage.

When applied at a thickness of only 25mm condensation will be eliminated and thicker coatings can be applied for increased thermal performance. The foam can be left as the final finish.

For dwellings and office use it is typical to line out the container with 25mm x 38mm timber studwork at 600mm centres and set slightly of the container. Foamseal is then applied between and behind the studwork which makes the whole structure rigid and ready to take a plasterboard lining. The thickness of insulation can be specified to any depth to achieve the required U Value but 75mm of Foamseal gives a very good insulation value.

If the condition of the container is poor, Foamseal can be applied to the exterior roof and then a UV resistant, weatherproof coating applied which gives a guaranteed insulated and weatherproof structure.

Shipping Container Insulation West Sussex Shipping Container Side Wall and Roof