External Foam And Coatings

Features and benefits

Foamseal External Spray Foam 7129 have been specially formulated to give a tough surface to all types of roof surfaces including asbestos cement, bitumen, profiled roof cladding, asphalt etc.

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The spray method overcomes problem details such as cracked roofing sheets, glazed areas, delaminated substrates, perished fixing bolts etc. The foam has excellent adhesion to all surfaces, no matter how deteriorated they may be and it provides a perfect virgin surface for the UV resistant topcoat.

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The monolithic coating makes detailing around upstands and abutments an easy process with no gaps to allow premature failure.

The practical way to insulate and weatherproof tired roofs with a lightweight, robust solution which instantly eliminates condensation without disruption to activity within the premises.

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Technical Data

Density 50-60 kg/m³
Compressive strength 200KPa
Reaction to fire Euroclass E
Closed Cell 90%
Thermal Conductivity 0.22W/m²K

Foamseal provide the latest range of polyurea and hybrid polyurea coatings to give long life to the flat or pitched roofs.