Foamseal Secure 1000 Tonnes CO2 ECO Funding.

Foamseal Secure 1000 Tonnes CO2 ECO Funding.

Massive Grants Available for Hard to Treat Walls

Foamseal have obtained ECO funding worth over £100,000 to give away to homes with solid walls or Hard to Treat Cavity walls.

Under the Energy Companies’ Obligation (ECO), homes with solid walls or Hard to Treat cavity walls can receive grants of up to the full value of the measure from Foamseal who are a Green Deal & ECO approved installer.

Solid Walls | External Wall Insulation

Solid walls account for an average of 45% of the heat loss from homes and external wall insulation can reduce this figure by more than 80%. The ECO grant, which, unlike the Green Deal, does not have to be repaid.

For properties with solid walls, thousands of pounds of grant funding is now available for homes to have solid wall insulation installed, helping to dramatically reduce fuel bills and create a warmer, more energy efficient home.

For those in receipt of qualifying benefits, solid wall insulation can be installed absolutely free. This type of insulation would typically cost around £8,000 – £12,000, but a new Government scheme now means you can receive a grant to cover this cost.

For those people not in receipt of qualifying benefits, a grant of up to 60% can be claimed, with the remaining amount paid for with a Green Deal loan.

What are the benefits?

Solid wall insulation can prevent up to 45% of heat escaping via your walls.

  • Reduces heat loss by up to 45%
  • Minimal disruption to the home
  • No reduction to internal floor space
  • Long term durability
  • Can improve the appearance of the property
  • Virtually maintenance free

Uninsulated solid walls can lose even more heat than cavity walls. By installing external insulation your walls, you will reduce heat loss by around 45%, resulting in a saving of around £45 for every £100 currently spent to heat your home.

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal insulation is installed by fitting insulation boards to the internal wall, or by constructing a new wall filled with insulation material. If a typical three bedroom semi-detached house were to be upgraded in this manner, it would reduce the carbon emissions associated with the house by approximately 2.40 tonnes per year.


Hard to Treat Cavities

Hard to Treat Cavities are defined as follows:

A cavity wall:

  • with an uneven cavity formed in walls constructed of natural stone or from natural stone
  • with a cavity which is less than 50mm wide;
  • in a building which has 3 or more storeys where each storey has cavity walls;
  • which a chartered surveyor has reported is not suitable to insulate with standard insulation material or techniques; or
  • which a chartered surveyor has reported is not suitable to insulate without substantial remedial works to the building, this would include those with wall tie failure;
  • with a cavity found in homes of prefabricated concrete construction or with metal frame cavity walls.

External insulation is installed by rendering the outside of the property or by fitting cladding where appropriate. A layer of insulation is fitted between this and the original wall of the property to prevent heat from escaping. Generally, external wall insulation is less disruptive, does not reduce the floor space of your property and can also provide a ‘face-lift’ for a property that required work to the outside wall.

Foamseal carry out FREE surveys and, if applicable will arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate and Green Deal Assessment to obtain the ECO grant.