Technitherm® Achieves A Unique ECO 25 Year Guarantee Accepted By Ofgem

Technitherm® Achieves A Unique ECO 25 Year Guarantee Accepted By Ofgem


25 Year Guarantee From TechnithermTechnitherm®, the market leading insulation system for Hard to Treat Cavities, is the first Cavity Wall Insulation to have a 25 year Guarantee accepted by OFGEM and included in the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) for all the following HTTC criteria:-

Hard to treat cavity wall insulation installations, as follows:

  1. where the cavity is less than 50mm wide
  2. where a Chartered Surveyor has reported that the cavity wall is not suitable to insulate with standard insulation materials due to the following:
    1. if the property is in a severe or very severe weather exposure zone in the UK;
    2. if the property is in a flood risk area;
    3. if the property has failed wall ties;
    4. if the property has cavities which have uneven widths, constructed of natural stone or from natural stone outer leaf and brick or block inner leaf;
    5. if the property has walls which have stone wall ties;
    6. in a building with 3 or more storeys where each storey has cavity walls and where the building is not more than 12 meters in height;
    7. in a building where the cavity wall is not suitable to insulate without substantial remedial works to the building.

Which makes the Technitherm ECO warranty unique and Technitherm provides the industry with the most versatile insulation system for Hard to Treat Cavities.

Technitherm is installed by market leading Pu foam specialists, Foamseal Ltd, the directors of which have over 30 years’ experience of insulation Hard to Treat Cavities in the UK.

Technitherm, manufactured by Isothane in the United Kingdom, has a proven performance in use for over 25 years and has been used by over 200 Local Authorities during this time, to solve their housing insulation problems.

No other type of Cavity Wall Insulation carries an ECO Guarantee for use in such situations and so ECO fund managers can be confident in getting ECO funding approved with Technitherm.

Mervyn Kirk, Director of Energy Efficiency Solutions at Isothane, said: “This unique BUFCA ECO Technitherm Guarantee sets a benchmark in the market for insulation of Hard to Treat Cavities. It supports the inherent durability of Technitherm® for thermal upgrading and structural stabilisation of buildings throughout the UK, including in severe exposure conditions and flood risk areas. No other form of insulation is so versatile”.

For more information on this unique solution to insulate properties Technitherm, including thosewith stone wall ties please contact Paul Denham at Foamseal Ltd