Case Study: Foamseal Spray Foam in Agricultural Applications

barn ceiling done with spray foam insulationFoamseal spray applied polyurethane foam is a common form of insulation in potato stores, chicken houses, mushroom sheds and piggeries and animal shelters. The foam provides excellent insulation and sealing for stores and the surface finish is robust to ensure that best practice hygiene measures can be maintained.

Hygiene Maintenance

Foamseal can be power washed at pressures up to 500 psi and at temperatures up to 40/50oC. The foam is chemically resistant to all common insecticides and fungicides and is not attacked by mild acids or alkalis. Removal of dust and disease spores is critical for minimising disease risk. Recent surveys of potato growers have shown that there storage hygiene policy is often limited to sweeping or vacuuming only which can result in re-distribution of disease spores. Power washing and disinfection is the most effective way of removing dust and killing disease spores and Foamseal will remain intact provided sensible treatment is applied.

There is no nutritional benefit to pests, vermin or bacteria.

Old Foam Applications

Foamseal 600 DIY spray foam kitFoamseal and other polyurethane foam applications can be refurbished by applying another coat of foam directly over existing applications which may have been subject to mechanical damage or decayed by ultraviolet light. This will provide a complete covering which is as good as new. For repairing or rejuvenating smaller areas Foamseal portable foam packs can be used.

These are completely self-contained, 2 part polyurethane foam packs formulated as closely as possible to our bulk material. The foam can be sprayed or injected and has perfect adhesion to existing foam surfaces. It is as chemically and physically robust as the bulk material.

New Products

Foamseal have launched Urespray F – 75 hybrid polyurea a very hard smooth and wear resistant surface which can be applied onto just about any surface including existing old foam. It will resist steam and pressure washers, when used sensibly, up to 2000 psi and 80oC. It can be provided in a limited range of colours. The surface hardness prevents the ingress of wood boring insects, such as weavels and helps protect foam from attack by pigs, birds and other vermin. A number of field pig shelters have recently been treated with Foamseal to prevent condensation and provide insulation. Urespray F – 75 was applied to the lower levels to resist attack from the pigs.

Urespray F – 75

pig-shelter-foam-insulation-sprayUrespray F – 75 hybrid polyurea is an exciting new development for agricultural applications. It has outstanding strength and flexibility and is highly resistant to chemical attack. It can be used in anaerobic methane processing and any areas where high pressure hot washing is required.

Foamseal continue to develop products for the agricultural sector and remain at the front of polyurethane foam technology.

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